About us

SK DENTEK (SK ORTHO) is a professional dental orthodontic materials supplier based in China.

From our establishment in year 2005, SK DENTEK has grown and now offers an extensive variety of Dental Orthodontic Materials to our valued global customers:

Key Products:

- Orthodontics:

  • High quality brackets (Cosmetic Sapphire Bracket, Ceramic Bracket, Self-ligating Bracket, Lingual Brackets, MIM Metal Bracket, Monoblock Brackets);
  • Buccal Tube, Molar Bands;
  • Niti Arch Wire, Stainless Steel Arch Wire;
  • Orthodontic Elastomerics (Ligature Tie, E-chain / Power Chain, Elastic Band);
  • Orthodontic Accessories (Lingual Button, Crimpable Hook, Dental Wax, Lingual Retainer);
  • Endo Files & Dental Burs etc.

- Dental disposable materials:

  • Denture Box, Dental Floss, Micron Applicator Brush, Dental inter-brush, Portable Orthodontic Kits, Endo Instruments, Impression Tray, Mouth Opener etc.

- Dental Equipment & Devices:

  • Led Curing Lamp, Dental Scaler, Handpiece, Dental Articulator, Dental Flasks etc.

SK DENTEK’S (SK ORTHO) products are produced from the finest raw materials under stringent quality control standard. State-of-art manufacturing and package facilities ensure you the highest quality orthodontic materials.

Now, we are looking forward to continuing to meet and exceed the expectations of our valued clients as we work together and keep developing our product range now and in the future.


 Contact Us

Contact: Nina

Cell/Whatsapp: +86-13755163626

Tel: +86-731-84483692

E-mail: skortho-nina@hotmail.com

Add: D-705 YJY Xiangjian Centry Town, Furong Rd,Changsha, Hunan, China.

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