• Orthodontic Bonding Series
Orthodontic Bonding Series

Orthodontic Bonding Series

  • Type: Light Cure / Self Cure
  • Packing: Big Pack / Small Pack
  • Product description: High Quality Orthodontic Bonding Series Light Cure & Self Cure Big Pack & Small Pack

High Quality Orthodontic Bonding Series

Type: Self Cure / Light Cure

Big Pack
Small Pack

Light Cure

( Ortho Bonding)

3 adhensive paste syring(3.5gx3) + 1 primer bottle(8ml) + 40 Brushes 1 adhensive paste syring(3.5g) + 1 primer bottle(3ml) + 20 Brushes

Self Cure

( Ortho Force)

3 syring paste(3.5gx3) +1 bottle primer(10ml) + 1 syring etchant gel(2.5g)
1 syring paste(3,5g) + 1 bottle primer (3ml) + 1 syring etchant gel(2.5g)

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